In the 21st century, we have the tools and the knowledge to move fast forward toward finding better cures for many diseases that still endanger the health and survival of the human race.  In our laboratory at UCLA, we have been fortunate in making novel discoveries that will lead to the identification of new and improved strategies for prevention and treatment of a number of diseases, including osteoporosis, cancer, obesity and regeneration of old and damaged connective tissues.

We are excited to be pioneers in a new field of drug discovery for osteoporosis and bone healing based on a novel class of molecules identified in our laboratory.  These molecules, collectively called hydroxycholesterols (or oxysterols), elicit specific responses in specialized stem cells that trigger the formation of bone forming cells which are required for stimulation and enhancement of bone growth in men and women to prevent and reverse osteoporosis, as well as accelerate and improve healing of broken bones.

We are also excited to have recently identified a potential novel strategy for targeting and inhibiting the growth of specific tumor cells that result from unregulated activity of a cell signaling mechanism that is normally required during the formation and growth of an embryo and during the normal process of repair of various tissues after birth.  We believe that this novel strategy will provide previously unrecognized ways to cure and perhaps prevent the formation of tumors in various cancers including prostate, pancreas, lung, brain, and skin cancers.